Veteran Student Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be eligible for two or more VA Education Benefits?
Yes, you may be eligible for more than one VA education benefit program. However, you may only receive payments from one program at a time. You can receive a maximum of 48 months of benefits under any combination of VA education programs you qualify for.

How do I apply for education benefits?
To apply for VA Education benefits you must apply online here: LINK TO APPLY. Click the VONAPP application and submit when finished. Print a copy for your records.

What is a Certificate of Eligibility?
A document or letter issued to you by the VA after you have applied and been approved for VA Education Benefits. The letter will certify the entitlement of benefits under an approved program of education and state which chapter the training will be under. It will state the amount of months and days of benefits entitled to you, how long you have to use the benefits, and the percentage of benefit payable to you under the approved VA program. This document is very important and you must give a copy to your schools VA certifying official in order to have your enrollment certified.

After I receive my Certificate of Eligibility then what do I do?
After you receive your letter or certificate of eligibility from the VA, you need to make a copy and take it to your school certifying official. The school certifying official has to have the certificate in order to do your enrollment certification to the VA.

How long until I receive monthly benefits after my school certifying official submits my enrollment?
Once the school submits your enrollment information, it must be entered into the system by VA also. Once the process is complete and the term begins, you will generally receive payment within two weeks of verifying your enrollment at the end of the month or within one week if using Direct Deposit. Because VA is generally overwhelmed with enrollments at the start of each semester, it could take up to 6 weeks to process an enrollment during those times. If you don't receive payment in this timeframe, please contact the school certifying official or call the VA @ 1-888-442-4551.

Can I receive VA Education benefits and financial aid?
Students receiving VA Education benefits may be eligible for financial aid also. Students must submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), in order to see if they qualify.

Are VA Education Benefits taxable?
No. Any veterans’ benefits paid under any law administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs should not be reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You will not receive a W-2 from the VA.

What are Chapter 33 benefits?
Depending on the student’s situation, Chapter 33 benefits can include payment of tuition and fees, a monthly housing allowance, a stipend for books and supplies, college fund also known as a kicker, and a Yellow Ribbon Program benefit.

How and where do I set up direct deposit with the VA?
To enroll in Direct Deposit, please do one of the following:
Login to WAVE or create an account if you are a new user. On the WAVE Main page, click on the link that says “Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.” This form can be submitted electronically, or you can print out a hard copy and mail it to your local Regional Processing Office. Call the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

Which chapters have to verify enrollment? How do you verify enrollment and how often?
Students who are receiving Chapter 30, 35, 1606, 1607, or VRAP must verify their enrollment monthly by the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone line at 1-877-823-2378.

What is the earliest date that I can verify my enrollment?
The earliest you can verify your enrollment is the last calendar day of each month or the last day of the term.

How do I know if my program is approved?
To find out if your program is approved for VA benefits, you can do one of the following:
• Search for approved programs using the VA web site.
• Contact the school certifying official.
• Contact the VA Regional Processing Office for your area by calling 1-888-442-4551.

What do I do if I want to change my program or place of training?
To change from one school or training program to another, individuals receiving benefits under the Chapter 33, Chapter 30, Chapter 1606, Chapter 32, or Chapter 1607 will need to submit a VA Form 22-1995 "Request For Change of Program or Place of Training" to their school and to the VA regional processing office . Individuals receiving benefits under the Dependents Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 35) will need to submit VA Form 22-5495. Both forms are available online at the website and may be submitted online to the VA. You will need to print a copy, sign and date it, and turn it in to your school’s certifying official also.

What if I withdraw from school or reduce my hours?
Any time you drop a course, add a class, or completely withdraw from courses, you need to contact your school certifying official as soon as possible.

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