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A student attending full-time, enrolled in approximately 15 credits per semester, will be able to complete either the A.S. in Aviation-Professional Pilot or A.A.S. in Aviation-Commercial Pilot in four semesters.

Flight programs require a commitment from students. Students enrolled in the Professional Pilot program should plan on flying at least twice per week to complete their flight lab requirements, and students enrolled in the Commercial Pilot program should plan on flying up to four or five times a week.

The academic schedule can be found at https://www.ozarka.edu. Students entering this program must pass at least a third class medical examination administered by an FAA medical examiner, obtain a student pilot’s certificate (or greater), and satisfy Transportation Security Administration (TSA) citizenship requirements. Flight fees for aviation courses are in addition to the regular college registration fees. Flight fees consists of aircraft rental, one-on-one flight instruction charges for instruction given during flight, and one-on-one ground flight instruction given on the ground by FAA certificated flight instructors. Flight fees are assessed at the beginning of each semester. Should a student not complete the required hours of flight training/ground instruction, fees will be returned on a prorated basis. Students must meet eligibility requirements in 14 CFR Part 141 applicable to the FAA certificate/rating being sought.

The student will be responsible for attending the scheduled flight lesson. Any missed appointments will be handled individually per the flight school’s policies. No retakes of a failed course will be allowed due to poor attendance. Any cancellations beyond the control of the student and flight school will be discussed with Ozarka faculty/staff to determine if any violation of policies has occurred. If a student is unable to complete the class within the academic schedule for the registered semester as shown in the published class schedule, the student must bring this problem to the attention of the flight school staff or faculty as this may affect future funding for subsequent classes. If student is found not progressing at a normal rate, a meeting between the flight school instructor and faculty will occur to determine the cause of the problem and possible solution. Students will be expected to address any possible problems regarding flight training with faculty as soon as possible.

The student will have to complete any flight lab within the academic schedule for the semester in which the student is registered. The student must complete all flight labs satisfactorily before signing up for subsequent flight labs in the degree program. A flight lab can be retaken once to achieve a satisfactory rating. In the event the student fails two flight labs resulting in two “F’s”, he or she will no longer be allowed to continue in the flight program. Students will receive an incomplete (I) only if all requirements outlined in the college catalog policy for (I’s) are met. The incomplete is only given in the case of weather and mechanical cancellations. Incompletes may also be given for extreme circumstances, other than weather and mechanicals, and may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Final grades for the flight lab will be based on the individual class grading policies stated in the syllabus.

Regular class attendance and punctuality are required for all classes. If a student must miss due to illness, emergency, or college business, it is the student's responsibility to find out what classwork was missed. After a student misses the equivalent of two weeks of class sessions, the instructor has the prerogative of assigning a grade "F" for the course.

VA students who fail to meet the flight program’s standards of progress, including the minimum requirements in either academics or attendance, will be determined to not be making satisfactory progress and the VA educational benefits will be suspended (by the school’s certifying official submitting a 22-1999b) effective on the last day of probation.

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