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Applied Science Technology

image of David Carpenter
Division Chair: David Carpenter

Programs in this Division

  • AS Business
  • AS Aviation-Professional Pilot
  • AS Criminal Justice and Corrections
  • AAS General Technology
  • AAS Business Technology
  • AAS Automotive Service Technology
  • AAS Culinary Arts
  • TC Information Science Technology
  • TC Culinary Arts
  • TC Automotive Service Technology
  • CP Business Computer Applications
  • CP Information Science Technology
  • CP Accounting
  • CP Business Management
  • CP Banking and Finance
  • CP Criminal Justice and Corrections
  • CP Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Courses in this Division

  • ACCT1003 Introduction to Accounting
  • ACCT1123 Accounting I
  • ACCT2133 Accounting II
  • ACCT2143 Computerized Accounting
  • ACCT2153 Payroll Accounting
  • ACCT2163 Federal Income Tax Accounting
  • ACCT2283 Managerial Accounting
  • AST1105 Engine Repair
  • AST1215 Electrical Systems
  • AST1305 Suspension and Steering
  • AST1405 Engine Performance
  • AST2102 Automotive Service Technology Lab
  • AST2105 Brake Systems
  • AST2205 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
  • AST2305 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
  • AST2415 Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • AST2504 Automotive Service Technology Lab
  • AVIA1013 Fundamentals of Aeronautics I
  • AVIA1021 Introduction to Aeronautics Lab
  • AVIA1161 Private Pilot Certification
  • AVIA1171 Private Pilot Lab
  • AVIA1403 Fundamentals of Aeronautics II
  • AVIA1501 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lab
  • AVIA2031 Commercial Pilot Certification
  • AVIA2051 Commercial/Instrument Lab I
  • AVIA2071 Instrument Pilot Certification
  • AVIA2104 Professional Pilot Practicum III
  • AVIA2263 Air Traffic Control
  • AVIA2383 Commercial Preparation and Procedures I
  • AVIA2393 Aviation Weather
  • AVIA2413 Regulations and Publications
  • AVIA2433 Commercial Preparations and Procedures II
  • AVIA2491 Commercial/Instrument Lab II
  • AVIA2501 Commercial/Instrument Lab III
  • AVIA2511 Commercial/Instrument Lab IV
  • AVIA2521 Commercial/Instrument Lab V
  • BANK1013 Principles of Banking
  • BANK2013 Law & Banking: Principles
  • BUS1133 Keyboarding Essentials
  • BUS1213 Information Processing
  • BUS2013 Business Communications
  • BUS2613 Business Principles
  • BUS2663 Legal Environment of Business
  • CIS1303 Computer Information Systems
  • CIS2353 Electronic Spreadsheet
  • CIS2393 Desktop Publishing
  • CPSI1003 Intro. to Computer Applications
  • CPSI2003 Computer Applications II
  • CRIM1013 Criminal Law
  • CRIM1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRIM1033 Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • CRIM1043 Law Enforcement II
  • CRIM1053 Introduction to Corrections
  • CRIM2001 Overview of Criminal Justice System
  • CRIM2233 Criminology
  • CRIM2253 Criminal Investigations
  • CRIM2263 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
  • CRIM2403 Police Community Relations
  • CUL1103 Sanitation & Safety
  • CUL1203 Dining Room Service
  • CUL1213 Catering, Banquets, and Dining Room Service
  • CUL1303 Introduction to Food Production
  • CUL1305 Food Production I
  • CUL1503 Basic Food Service & Nutrition
  • CUL1603 Introduction to Baking
  • CUL1605 Baking I
  • CUL1703 Advanced Food Production
  • CUL1705 Food Production II
  • CUL2203 Advanced Culinary Arts I
  • CUL2213 Meat, Seafood, and Poultry
  • CUL2403 Advanced Baking
  • CUL2405 Baking II
  • CUL2503 Catering & Banquet Service
  • CUL2603 Menu Planning/Quantity Purchase
  • CUL2703 Advanced Culinary Arts II
  • CUL2713 International and Modern Cuisine
  • CUL2802 Culinary Arts Capstone
  • CUL2803 Garde Manger
  • CUL2812 Culinary Arts Internship
  • ECON2113 Business Statistics I
  • ECON2313 Intro. to Microeconomics
  • ECON2323 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ENGL1133 Technical & Business English
  • HOSP1103 Introduction to Hospitality
  • HOSP1203 Hospitality Purchasing
  • HOSP1303 Hospitality Operations & Supervisor Management
  • HOSP1403 Hospitality Marketing
  • HOSP1503 Cafe Internship
  • HOSP1513 Cafe Practicum
  • HOSP1603 Cafe Practicum II
  • IST1213 Intro to Computer Programming
  • IST1223 Introduction to Visual Basic
  • IST1403 Networking Essentials I
  • IST1503 Internet Technologies
  • IST1703 Introduction to Web Design
  • IST2303 Intro. to JavaScript
  • IST2713 Computer Ethics and Security
  • IST2803 Intro to Database Concepts
  • IST2923 A+ Essentials
  • MATH1103 Mathematics with Bus Applications
  • MGMT2403 Business Records Management
  • MGMT2603 Financial Planning
  • MGMT2623 Management
  • MGMT2643 Human Relations
  • MGMT2663 Small Business Management
  • MKTG2633 Principles of Marketing
  • PHED1011 Yoga I
  • PHED1031 Yoga II

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