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Student Leadership Academy Attendees

Published on December 4, 2017

Three Ozarka College students attended the annual Student Leadership Academy held at the Arkansas 4-H Center, west of Little Rock on November 2-3, 2017. Ozarka College students Melissa Buckman, Taylor Knapp, and Kennedy Wallis were nominated and selected for the two-day retreat. The Academy is a retreat hosted by Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC) for academically gifted students who have shown leadership promise. To be eligible, a student must be nominated by a college faculty or staff member.

Melissa Buckman of Melbourne serves as secretary of Ozarka's Student Government Association (SGA). She currently maintains a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) and plans to transfer to a four-year institution after earning an associate degree in business. Melissa intends on a career in entrepreneurship.  

Taylor Knapp of Mountain View serves as the SGA vice president for the Mtn. View campus and as an Ozarka Student Ambassador. Taylor is also studying Business with a 4.0 GPA and has plans to transfer to a four-year university after earning her associate degree. Taylor is pursuing a degree and career in the accounting field.

Kennedy Wallis serves as an Ozarka Student Ambassador and is studying General Education. She too maintains a 4.0 GPA and also plans to transfer after earning her associate degree.   Kennedy intends on a career in veterinary medicine.  

"The leadership academy is an exciting experience for these gifted students, " commented Dr. Josh Wilson, Ozarka College vice president of student services.   "These students gain invaluable opportunities to exhibit and grow their leadership qualities as well as network with their peers across the state. We are very proud of them. "

Students from 12 institutions across the state participated in the fourth annual ACC student leadership academy.  Prior to attending the Academy, students completed an online leadership assessment, the Color ode Personality Science Assessment, and worked in pre-assigned groups based on this assessment.  Their groups selected a piece of recently passed legislation and worked to create an action plan on how to implement the legislation on a college campus.

For more, please call Ozarka College Admissions at 870.368.2024 or email: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for spring semester classes!

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