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Ozarka College Keeps Tuition Flat for Four Consecutive Years!

Published on June 1, 2020

Ozarka College Board of Trustees approved keeping the College tuition rate flat during their board meeting May 15.   The College has avoided any increases to tuition for four consecutive years. "In striving to always remain true to our mission of providing life-changing experiences through education, Ozarka takes great pride in being the only public higher education institution in the state that has been able to avoid raising tuition for their students for the past four years, " said Dr. Richard Dawe, Ozarka president. "Avoiding tuition increases has been especially challenging this year with substantial unanticipated funding cuts due to the pandemic."

Ozarka College's Board of Trustees and the Administration have always operated in a very fiscally conservative way, while maintaining outstanding service to students. This is largely possible due to the collaboration and support of committed faculty and staff.  Dawe added, "We know this has been a particularly challenging time for our students due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it was important to us that we were able to develop the budget without passing our very real costs on to our students. They are who we serve, and we will always have their best interest and success as our priority. "

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