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Ozarka College Revises Tuition for Concurrent Enrollment

Published on June 1, 2017

Ozarka College recently submitted memorandums of understanding (MOU) to area high schools to offer qualifying students an even more affordable option for taking concurrent enrollment courses. Concurrent enrollment allows a high school student who meets admission and entrance exam requirements to take a college level course, taught by a qualified instructor, at their high school. Upon completion of the course, the student earns high school and college credit simultaneously.

Presently, students enrolled in concurrent enrollment courses are charged a discounted tuition rate of $50 per credit hour, and the College absorbs all other costs associated with the class. Upon receipt of signed MOUs, the College will split the tuition fee with participating high schools, allowing qualifying students to take up to six college credit hours free of charge. The high school will contribute $25 per credit hour and the College will pay the rest.

This agreement is in accordance to Arkansas SB673, which reads as follows: "A national school lunch student shall not be required to pay any of the costs up to a maximum of six (6) credit hours of endorsed concurrent enrollment courses that are taught: (i) On the grounds of the public school district in which the student is enrolled; and (ii) By a teacher employed by the public school district in which the student is enrolled. The costs for endorsed concurrent enrollment courses €¦shall be paid: (i) By the public school district in which the student is enrolled; (ii) By the institution of higher education offering the course; or (iii) Through a cost-sharing agreement between the public school district and the institution of higher education. "

Ozarka College also offers the College Now scholarship to any high school student who completes at least 12 credit hours through Ozarka College prior to graduating from high school. Students who achieve this will receive their first fall semester at Ozarka College tuition free! Summer and fall enrollment is currently open at Ozarka College. For assistance with admissions, financial aid or registration, please contact Rylie Bevill, Ozarka College associate director of admissions, by calling 870.368.2024 or e-mail:

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